Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Classes are for Saturdays and Sundays, But CLASS is forever !

Second year MBBS, family thinks he is not studying at all ! So will have to convince them ;) His friends are also doing it, so he will be alone in weekends ! And he pays for the costliest "stalking" !!!

But he inherited or maybe acquired LLB (lords of last benches) gene unfortunately ! The one who can't tolerate two continuous lectures, how can you expect to survive from 5-6 hour non stop bombbarding ! Sometimes lunch break prolongs ! And he will note down from his friends assuming they have done it seriously !!!

He belonged to Most IMP breed, so most of things were like overhead bouncers !

In short he wasted his weekends of golden period in most wasteful manner and surprisingly he PAID too for it !!

This story many people can relate with them or their batchmates !!


Teach one subject in 2-4 days, not teach actually  it's tell ! Lots of new things specially when you haven't read that subject thoroughly ! You are actually confused to note down points or actually concentrating in clearing funda !! Spoon fed knowledge ;)

Concentration also fades away in post lunch session as we are not Swami Vivekanand and if we were we wouldn't have needed it !!

You have greed of reading notes again and again, won't go out of box !! But we read 90 %, we remember 70% we execute 60% now you see the volume of your notes !! Do you think Paper setter has also attended your classes too ??!! LOL

Some finds economical way of having notes ! Xerox copies available now a days ! But waste enough time in decoding it by the time he could have finished original mcq book and had his own note actually !! Poor handwritings and presentation make them unworthy, but exceptions may be there in form of book like self made notes !! But still self is self ;)

After reading such notes, if you go for solving MCQs you will score half or even less..

Class notes are not exclusive, must be supplemented by MCQ guides !!

Let's say if notes are vitamins, mcq books are carbohydrates !! Main energy comes from the latter ! 
And test practice is protein !! You will be made by that portion only !

If Virat Kohli now makes century, Anil Kumble can't take full credit of it being coach ! He might tell
how to execute against bowlers, improve his weakness, motivate him but he is TALENT afterall !!

Glittering results of rankers don't promise to have you also one !! It's TALENT BIAS you know ! They will do better even if they don't join classes as they have their own CLASS......!!

Enough of mocking classes, let's say some good words !!!


Some can't have their own timetable !
Some learn better if others teach them !
Some needs continuous motivation !
Some remembers in one time only, but too lazy to read !

Such species may get benefited from classes including MOST IMP species sometimes !!!

They can guide you in future probable Qs... They know current trend of exams and know hot topics and will cover that in notes and from other textbooks !! Concise content of standard textbooks that we usually skipped in UG you can get in notes if that teacher is HARD working and get enough time to give you that !!! However now every teaching faculty has own mcq guidebook so that's also good option !!!

You get atmosphere of competition there if you utilize well !!! Which motivates and tells you where you are in the RACE !! Not being RACIST, doesn't help here !!!


Monday, 16 January 2017


When success tells you something, it hides many things ! Listen to failures, there's a lot to learn from them 😁

#1 Exhaustive Reading

Most of people complains of  getting rank in thousands or being not qualified despite thoroughly reading ! 
Normally we get 8-10  calendar months to read for first attempt in PG entrance !
And we have 20 subjects to read 😉 and revise them too 😆
According to your memory, 2-3 revisions at least required, more if you think so First reading must be completed by 6 months at any cost !!

Most IMP topics list available on net..
Also Kalam DNB Appendix is itself – list of IMP topics ! Use it Read those topics from subject book and then open PAPERS of that subject, Solve , Qs which are not covered in your reading, read explanation for them. give test of that subject, same here for unknown topic and question! Know your mistakes for easy ones and you can make a note or highlight in book where you often make mistakes !

Reading merely is not enough, it should be excluding reading. Rule out those descriptions which you will remember in first time only ! This is crucial to make revision faster and yielding!
Don't ever think that I will remember it next time !! There's no next time, all is at present 😃
During solving Qs if you come through important points, note down it in book or preferably in your own notes !

Some points are exclusive of Dx – Fleeting lung opacites – ABPA, pearly umbilical shaped papules – Molluscum Contagiosum
Make habit of deriving such facts and of course of remembering 😄
There are also books available like ROAMS for one liners and high yield points and concise information, use them wisely for your boost!!

One  important point, may read one topic from many site or books but add it to one place 😃 So you don't have to waste time for overlapping content ! You can do this thing in Systemic Patho, Medicine, Paediatrics for same topics!

Mnemonics – Make them wisely 😅
If you forget L for liver or lung , so no meaning !
So make detailed and clear cut mnemonics !
And only for topics you don't remember 😜 You can make them funny and weird or vulgar if you remember only  them with ease 😉😉

For example, SUSU supraventricular nucleus ADH !
Para (pregnant) Paraventricular nucleus – Oxytocin !
Ulcerative colitis second word is C – continuous lesion
Chron.'s disease D – discontinuous
Goodel sign – G looks like 6 at six weeks!

#2 Revision Taking Too Much Time

Ideally you get only time to revise 100 pages for big subject and 30-40 for small ones!
In first reading, convert your book size into at least 200 pages in next reading to 100 ! This is approx. Depends on subjects and you !

Suppose reading Peptic ulcer,
We know most of risk factors and antibiotics names, so no need to revise but Graham patch, H pylori tests, toxins, stains may require revision as newbies!
Use your UG knowledge very well here , you skip you already know !
Also skip you think will not remember even after revision and will not be asked as such like survival rate of cancers, staging of less common cancers, Muscle of hand and sole  origin insertions 😜😜

Keep reading same page for hours don't help but revising it after week may ! So go through daily reading in one hour in the end ! Spare Sunday for weekly revision ! Ultimate goal is too keep content fresh 😃😃 So that when you revise, it should not be like first reading 😀
#3 Test Series

I don't find enough time for giving tests !
To revise or to give tests ?!
Can't solve after giving test , it takes away my half day 😐

Test of subject should be given readily after that subject is over! And solve it quickly only read new things! Long explanations should be avoided 😃😃 No one can make it without test practice! Time management only comes with that! Silly mistakes fade away with practice only 😜

Reading only without giving tests is like learning driving just by watching videos not actually going to traffic 😜

 Once you are done with all subjects, start GRAND TESTS preferably in September, give at least 20 full length  GTs 😯 70-80% score is good enough depends on difficulty of paper! And those who top in NEET upto 500 also score around 220-240 approximately!

#4 Wearing Off Phenomena

Most of people start like ODI , initially with power play and then they get stuck into middle overs ! It's always necessary to maintain tempo throughout. For that surrounded by people who motivates you to effort more not just pump with you EXTRA AIR !
Healthy group discussions for limited period helps to understand difficult topics and mutual motivation by creating PEER PRESSURE ! And may notify if you have skipped anything 😃

#5 Controversial Questions

Most of toppers advise to stay as far as from controversy!
If anytime in doubt, take a look in standard text books if still doubt go with teacher you believe! Or follow more prevalent belief as last resort !

These Q are time wasting, don't come frequently in exams and even if they come, it rests on NBE what's correct answer they think 😜

Classical example: Rhinosporidium seeberi is
A. Fungus
B. Bacteria
C. Protozoa
D. It's jerk 🤣

#6 Prometric System – Complete stranger

No negative marking, so attempt all !
They don’t give you extra marks if you finish early!
If you answer easy Qs, harder Qs come, it's myth 😜
Subjectwise Distribution may not be always same!
Ultimate goal is to score in easy Qs !
Don't waste time in understanding calculation of scores , we are doctors !!

Friday, 23 December 2016


When and how should we start preparing for NEET PG ?

• As early as possible, but it's never too late 😅 First and second MBBS students should focus on clearing concepts and remembering facts for long term not only till writing in theory exams only !! However since these are the days of early college freedom, we only manage to pass exams only, but these things can be done by without "wasting" so called golden period of MBBS..

• From third MBBS you can go for MCQ oriented preparation. Buy MCQ book of your current subjects and solve MCQ of topic you read.. For some NON IMP topics we don't read textbooks so for that go for theory given in MCQ book !! Add some points from textbook to MCQ book...

• And based on MCQ asked and what you felt IMPORTANT, make high yield notes.. Self made notes are best if properly made and utilized !!!

• Notes should be of 10-25 lines per any topic, add easily forgotten things like numerical or special names e.g. Kanagawa phenomenon, correlate things and compare related topics, make chart of differential points e.g. Pemphigus vulgaris and Bullous pemphigoid, try to distinguish confusing names e.g. condyloma lata - syphillis and condyloma acuminata - HPV

What to do prior starting serious reading before internship ?

• Buy DNB and NEET papers with explanations
• Choose one subject and solve its all Qs
• Read explanation of papers
• Note if you think related Q come like this
• Keep subject wise book with you to see theory and highlight topics you saw frequently asked in papers and enlist topics in descending order
• After you are done with MCQ, read these topics from your MCQ book and solve other MCQs too given in that book and refer theory for unknown Qs
• Take pics of high yield charts and tables to revise later in your phone
• Give subject test, evaluate silly mistakes and missing points correct them
• And repeat this cycle for next Subject


• Daily, weekly and monthly quick revision,.. Spare 1 hr daily, Sunday for daily revision and Last 2-3 days for monthly revision
• Give tests after subject is over and evaluate coz without evaluation no meaning of giving tests
• Keep momentum till last moment, it's very necessary
• Be flexible about timetable
• Healthy group discussion if possible, but not group reading !!!


• Avoid spending time in controversy ! Such Qs are only 2-3 in paper and no guarantee of correct answer even if you explore google as a whole !!!
• Don't compete with others but with your past performance
• Avoid non productive surfing of FB pages
• Don't read too many books for one subject, as we have 20 subjects !
• Don't take same time for revision, no use of it so revise quickly from your notes
• Don't join coaching classes in internship, you can't manage and work according to their schedule, if they teach you medicine in 3-4 days you can't finish it in time and next subject lecture already there next week !!

Anybody Can Do It

Even if you are mediocre during UG days and haven't open Harrison or Robbins, still you can make it through right path, proper reading, timely revision and immense test practice !!

If you want to impress a girl, you have to know about her in detail.. Same is with exams too !!

Know subject wise mark distribution, exam software etc... but don't waste time in understanding prometric marking system !!

As Lord KRISHNA has said  "You should work only, Let me tell the result to you"