Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Classes are for Saturdays and Sundays, But CLASS is forever !

Second year MBBS, family thinks he is not studying at all ! So will have to convince them ;) His friends are also doing it, so he will be alone in weekends ! And he pays for the costliest "stalking" !!!

But he inherited or maybe acquired LLB (lords of last benches) gene unfortunately ! The one who can't tolerate two continuous lectures, how can you expect to survive from 5-6 hour non stop bombbarding ! Sometimes lunch break prolongs ! And he will note down from his friends assuming they have done it seriously !!!

He belonged to Most IMP breed, so most of things were like overhead bouncers !

In short he wasted his weekends of golden period in most wasteful manner and surprisingly he PAID too for it !!

This story many people can relate with them or their batchmates !!


Teach one subject in 2-4 days, not teach actually  it's tell ! Lots of new things specially when you haven't read that subject thoroughly ! You are actually confused to note down points or actually concentrating in clearing funda !! Spoon fed knowledge ;)

Concentration also fades away in post lunch session as we are not Swami Vivekanand and if we were we wouldn't have needed it !!

You have greed of reading notes again and again, won't go out of box !! But we read 90 %, we remember 70% we execute 60% now you see the volume of your notes !! Do you think Paper setter has also attended your classes too ??!! LOL

Some finds economical way of having notes ! Xerox copies available now a days ! But waste enough time in decoding it by the time he could have finished original mcq book and had his own note actually !! Poor handwritings and presentation make them unworthy, but exceptions may be there in form of book like self made notes !! But still self is self ;)

After reading such notes, if you go for solving MCQs you will score half or even less..

Class notes are not exclusive, must be supplemented by MCQ guides !!

Let's say if notes are vitamins, mcq books are carbohydrates !! Main energy comes from the latter ! 
And test practice is protein !! You will be made by that portion only !

If Virat Kohli now makes century, Anil Kumble can't take full credit of it being coach ! He might tell
how to execute against bowlers, improve his weakness, motivate him but he is TALENT afterall !!

Glittering results of rankers don't promise to have you also one !! It's TALENT BIAS you know ! They will do better even if they don't join classes as they have their own CLASS......!!

Enough of mocking classes, let's say some good words !!!


Some can't have their own timetable !
Some learn better if others teach them !
Some needs continuous motivation !
Some remembers in one time only, but too lazy to read !

Such species may get benefited from classes including MOST IMP species sometimes !!!

They can guide you in future probable Qs... They know current trend of exams and know hot topics and will cover that in notes and from other textbooks !! Concise content of standard textbooks that we usually skipped in UG you can get in notes if that teacher is HARD working and get enough time to give you that !!! However now every teaching faculty has own mcq guidebook so that's also good option !!!

You get atmosphere of competition there if you utilize well !!! Which motivates and tells you where you are in the RACE !! Not being RACIST, doesn't help here !!!